Kristen K. · married on 09/19/2020
Best Wedding Cake I've Ever Eaten
I was SO happy with my decision to have Tasteful Elegance create my wedding cake! Cheryl's cakes are literally the best cakes I have ever tasted and I cannot wait to get our fresh 1 year anniversary top tier cake from her next September! Cheryl was super responsive and easy to work with and she's so kind and caring. Our cake was not only delicious, but it was so beautiful as well. I cannot recommend her enough!

Lauren B. , married on 12/14/2019
One of the highlights of our reception!
Our wedding guests cannot stop talking about our cake from Tasteful Elegance. Cheryl was so incredibly easy to work with and her cakes are delicious. Cake design and flavors were exactly what I wanted. Overall, best prices and best cakes!!

Dannah M. , married on 08/17/2019
The best cake!!!!!
My cake was amazing....beautiful and delicious! I actually ran out of cake, and everyone spoke highly of how good it was! Thank you Mrs. Cheryl, it was a pleasure!

Kristen J. , married on 06/01/2019
Would recommend over and over!
Cheryl completely brought the cake of my dreams to life for my wedding day. Our wedding and groom's cake were absolutely STUNNING. My guests were floored at how phenomenal not only the cakes looked, but TASTED! They both were so delicious. Cheryl was extremely professional, knowledgeable, an absolute treasure. There was not a single bite of wedding cake or groom's cake left. THAT'S how amazing it was!!!!

Lisa , married on 10/14/2017
I have never eaten a wedding cake that I wanted seconds of until I had a piece of Cheryl’s from Tasteful Elegance! Top notch service! Cheryl was a joy to do business with! The cakes were fabulous-the guests are still talking about how good the cake was!

Lauren , married on 05/21/2016
Our experience with Tasteful Elegance was nothing short of wonderful. My now husband and I loved getting to design our cake and see it come to life with Cheryl's help. Our guests raved about the cake, and there was not a single piece left by the end of the night. Cheryl was so helpful and kind - we could not have asked for a better experience!

Aubrey , married on 06/04/2016
Amazing. That is the only word I can use to describe every part of Tasteful Elegance. My husband and I were so excited to find a baker who made cakes that tasted as beautiful as they looked. Fresh cake, outstanding flavors, and delicious buttercream frosting. We had a three layer cake made of white chocolate, strawberry, and butter pecan. Heavenly!

Kate , married on 12/19/2015
Cheryl was so wonderful to work with and, in short, our wedding cake was extraordinary. The detail was impeccable and I felt bad cutting into it during the reception because it was so beautiful! Beyond looks, the cake itself was SO SO good. My grandmother who is a big baker said it was the best cake she'd ever eaten. I know several of our guests went back for fourth (!) pieces. Thank you so much, Cheryl, for all your work--we're so happy we chose you to bake our cake!!

Lauren , married on 10/12/2014
"Best tasting wedding cake I've ever had!" No joke, that is the lasting memory I am repeatedly told when friends and family reminisce on our wedding! So beautiful, it was exactly what my husband and I envisioned. Professional, kind, flexible, and sweet, pun intended, we highly recommend anyone looking for a wedding baker to do themselves, and their guests, and delightful favor and book Cheryl at Tasteful Elegance!

Shana , married on 03/01/2013
Cheryl at Tasteful Elegance is one of the best bakers in the world! She has a great attitude and is so helpful. The guests at my wedding have complemented me so much on how good the cake tasted. Cheryl was very professional and thoughtful. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a great tasting and visually stunning cake.